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Simple Network Management

Simple Network Management Simple Network Management - SNM, an IT infrastructure monitoring application. Simple Network Management - SNM, an IT infrastructure monitoring application. It auto discovers SNMP enabled devices and provides enterprise-class reliable uptime monitoring of internetwork devices. SNM does it all in 5 simple steps from installation, application configuration, network discovery, control console display and auto uptime monitoring. It is deployment ready to any SNMP enabled enterprise network.

Serial Port Monitor ActiveX 3.0: Detect serial port activity in a system with Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control
Serial Port Monitor ActiveX 3.0

applications to monitor any serial port in a system. The product can be used for debugging applications that work with serial port, serial port monitoring applications development, development of system utilities to intercept communication data from COM ports for further analysis. This ActiveX Control offers a wide range of events, properties and methods to control the monitoring process. It lets you check the state of the serial port, process all

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Computer Activity Monitoring 11.02.01: Computer activity monitoring remotely to keep a track of multiple workstations
Computer Activity Monitoring 11.02.01

Computer activity monitoring is possible by deploying special software applications in the monitoring computer and target computers. Using such a monitoring software helps in continuous tracking of multiple workstations and their desktop activities. In addition to monitoring functions, remote administrative functions can also be performed using computer activity monitoring software.

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Automatic Website Monitor Software Web site performance monitoring application track website status in real time
Automatic Website Monitor Software

monitoring software provides inbuilt user help manual to supports user to monitor websites easily using this tool. Features: * Web domain performance analyzer program checks web site uptime, downtime and response time at regular interval. * Web site monitoring program provides graphical user interface to easily monitor website performance. * Website status monitoring application supports to checks website performance on various internet protocols

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LanAudit  Employee Computer Monitoring 2.84: Employees PC Monitor is application for real time employee  computer monitoring
LanAudit Employee Computer Monitoring 2.84

Keep your employees on task and save money otherwise wasted by inefficient workers with LanAudit Employee Computer Monitoring now. PC-Monitor is employee computer monitoring software that invisibly monitors your entire network from one central location! It is an all-in-one Employee Computer monitoring software for real-time network computer monitoring, employee activity monitoring, content filtering and employees` work time tracking.

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Application as Service 2.0

Application as Service is an advanced system utility which lets you run any application as Windows Service, benefiting from all of the advantages native Windows services provide.You can configure Application as Service using its intuitive GUI interface or command line configurator directly from software.Application as Service features very low CPU usage, custom environment variables, monitoring and detailed logging as well as many other features.

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EMCO Installation Suite Enterprise 4.0.2

application and use monitoring results to create MSI. You can create MSI package, which performs same actions as any existing installation or application, in few minutes without any programming using just simple wizard. MSI Package Builder main features: * Real-time monitoring of existing installations and applications to create your own MSI packages from monitoring results * Visual creation of MSI packages does not require programming * System variable

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